AZ 5200 Brugg • Nr. 42 – 19. Oktober 2017

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Alice Henkes im Bieler Tagblatt vom Samstag, 04.03.2017 ICH NICHT ICH



Anchovies by Pat Noser von Kamala Dawar


Sardellen 2015 70 x 70 cm Oel auf Leinwand


This is a deeply honest portrayal of the female sex and notions of femininity. The canvas is overtaken by a core image of the lap of a faceless naked woman. The rawness of her sexuality is brazenly positioned up front and centre. Yet the presentation of her sex is not brash. The woman’s public area is both constructed and concealed by the palms of her hands holding forth some beautifully rendered small dead fish – with their heads on. The glistening silvery stink of these anchovies sits symmetrically between the flesh at the top of her naked thighs.

There is no ambiguity in this personal yet universal statement of female sexuality and the putrid stench of death. The starkness of the woman’s sensuality is confronting – yet the still beauty of the painting opens up the possibility and proximity of intellectual and visual pleasure. This is fine art in a contemporary critical context – the artist rips the mystique of femininity from the woman, in a self-reflective act of empowerment.

Text von Kamala Dawar in


Kunstmagazine van Maatschappij Arti et Amicitiae nr 36 | 2017 jaargang 20


Baden badener Tagblatt

13 10 25 BT Fontana Gränacher Preismm


Tagesanzeiger, Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2O11

11 Alice Henkes Reise in die Verbotene Zone

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